Verónica Paludi
Creator of  Librospelota® and Trazofranco®

Internationally renowned for her originality and strength.  Active protector of children and animals’ rights.  Courageous and innovative entrepreneur. A visionary who pursues a simple life, full of beauty along the way.

Ever since she was a child, Verónica has loved drawing, surrounded by adventures in the countryside.  Her inventiveness as well as quality and warm details stand out.

Her curious nature took her to study Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires.  This profession provided her an exquisite communication tool in her own language.
In college, she worked both as a drawing workshop assistant and as a small emerging projects illustrator, where she discovered new techniques.

After graduation, thanks to a UNO and WTO scholarship, she was invited by Italy to study in the City of Turin.  There she pursued a graduate program in design applied to health and education campaigns.

A fascinating adventure with an everlasting footprint.

Verónica studied and travelled all around Europe, guided by great masters, and collecting cherished experiences that she uses every day.
Though rewarded with interesting job opportunities, she decided to settle in Buenos Aires –surrounded by her trees, her dogs and her people.

Once again, she received a new scholarship –but this time from the French Government Cultural Service.  Her destination was Paris to design and produce a series of poster exhibitions –graphic pieces that have always captivated her.  This was the beginning of an amazing journey that has taken her to the most renowned festivals, museums and cultural centers in France and Argentina for years.
Designing and illustrating for first-class brands and collaborating with NGOs engaged in health, education, theater and audiovisual projects have always been present ever since her very early days.

Verónica created Libros Pelota back in 2009 thanks to a new French invitation.  She was also invited to participate in the Latin American Book Fair in Paris.  The beautiful bookstore Salón du Livre, at Place de l'Estrapade, Paris, showcased some of her first illustrated publications.
In her beloved Buenos Aires, Libros Pelota and Trazo Franco are today the heart of her creation for the child that lies in the little ones –which she proposes to indulge throughout all the stages of life, making beautiful moments and spaces.

Along with an amazing team, she designs, illustrates, writes and produces all of her brand collections, promoting simple play and putting images, objects, animations and music together.

With strong strides, Verónica is a happy and optimistic woman who always turns problems into solutions.

A one-of-a-kind playful and endless universe is suggested by her new production, paving the way to continue shining both in this world and on other planets.
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